How to replace a headlight bulb 2001 Ford escape

Hello Dana here. And today’s Article is Something very common that we all have to do. And For those who Our hands on anyway. And that is changing the headlight bulbs. In your vehicle and I have. We have a 2001 Ford escape. And actually both full beams of burnout. So that I do a quick. Video on that. And basically the only the only this. No tools required. You gotta connector. Down here. And. In this case. It got hot and burned it out down the road here so I had a. We set it up so the able cook hook it back up again. You go to the public don’t you go to the junk yard and. So you can get one now cut off of another vehicle but.

2001 ford escape headlightIts case are. I do myself. And this could be a reason that you Bob is not working. So our or U. connector itself may have come loose. A double check this stuff before you are. Think the bald is burnout. And if you got high beam which you don’t how low beam. Most likely you do have a burnout bald esprit. It’s really simple you got to spring load. Little clip here 2001 Ford Escape headlight. And it goes in here and then it just locks. Blocks inside hold your ball them. Yeah and I don’t use the same way that you do have a boot that’s here. That goes over the top of that.

And then just go and put over the top of the ball but then reconnect your connector. The. Your balls. These your balls version the ball. And I’ve got. 2 alignment. Stars here. Just make you know when you pull it out and make it easier when you got to put it back in. You got your 3 prongs. And then. You can look at the filament make sure the filament stop Bernau. But again make sure you don’t touch the ball with your 2001 Ford Escape headlight. Your fingers because it puts your body oil on it and I deteriorate so. The life of the ball. So real quick I know the stars straight up and down. So slander that puppy right in there. And then I got to do is.