Car Care.

Car CareThe cabin should be regularly vacuumed and, if it possible once a year to produce dry cleaning of textile coverings. If the upholstery is leather, after the cleaning by chemical solutions, leather should be moisten with a special “milk”, so it does not dry out or crack.

Plastic panels are cleaned and polished, a matte wax is better to choose, than the instrument panel is not reflected in the glass on a sunny day and does not interfere with visibility.

To clean the outside of the vehicle and exterior care we must approach more responsibly. First, take care of the car must be regularly regardless of the weather conditions. It means that the dirt does not build up in thick layers, and in the winter, despite the cold car wash is needed. Winter cleaning of the body is required, because otherwise the salt accumulating on the body, adversely affects the paint. During the summer period special attention should be paid to the remains of the insects adhering to the body during long journeys. They must be immediately removed using special means, because the passage of time, after the removal of the paint the light site will stay.