2010 Hyundai Sante Fe review

Over the years we’ve built quite the relationship with the Hyundai Santa Fe, in fact we’ve had a couple of them for several months to use as long term test vehicles. One of our test vehicle’s was the victim of a windstorm and needed to be ushered into a body shop after a tree fell on it another had a very strong smell in the air conditioning was on. But most of our time in this kind of thing has been very positive staff, and always enjoyed the attention to detail in the interior comfortable ride and great value. It’s kind of like meeting an old friend so let’s take a look at the updates for 2010.

2010 Hyundai Sante FeStyling hasn’t changed much but there have been minor tweaks to the front grille and bumpers this thing is true for the back of the Senate face-adornment’s Michael reef crash so nothing too dramatic to report on the base model 4 cylinder starts at just under 26000 there are several V6 models to choose from in front wheel or all wheel drive and prices can climb into the 37000 range for a fully loaded model. It’s interesting to note that there’s no force to honor all wheel drive being offered but I have a feeling that Hyundai will probably try to sell you a Tucson and then save the Santa Fe for people with a bit more money.

The interior benefits from some tweaks as well the steering wheel has been redesigned along with trim pieces. Bluetooth as standard along without radio. It’s not if they can be is opulent is the owner chooses with optional leather big sunroof heated seats and even navigation an upgraded stereo one thing that’s not offered as a third row seat business caps for the larger Veracruz. The interior and have. Changes are modest. What are the biggest changes to explain engine and transmission updates. Hyundai Santa Fe headlights problems, great deals await you on our website http://gaslightsalon.com/hyundai-santa-fe/headlights.html.

The base 2.4 liter 4 cylinder engine, is new and have 175 horsepower. The 3.5 liter V6 engine is just stand out in this hot the vehicle. Polls very well for the great engine note and has impressive skill rating. Rated at 276 horse power this engine would be my choice if I were putting my money down. Hello earned their 6 that’s the hard way one customer at a time these vehicles that were just as good if not better than most the cars on the market today the price is competitive but not as competitive as we’re used to this kind of faith is everything we’ve grown to love but now more responsive and fuel efficient.

2004 Honda CR-V review

SUV’s are typically very practical packages in the 2004 Honda CRV does not disappoint what’s startling back. There’s a spacious cargo area even with the rear seats up need more room the receipts can easily cope with just the touch of this lever. There’s plenty of room inside for people to access is really easy the doors open wide and the cars down low mature in the backseat. I find it comfortable and supportive even for 3 dogs. Plenty of space helped by having a flat floor there’s plenty of room up front for the driver the front seats are wide in the comedy. There’s also lots of storage with a huge bin between the front seats. Controls are mostly straightforward and simple wish the radio had 2 knobs rather in combining volume and tuning into just one.

2004 Honda CR-VThe interior looks better finish than it really is the dashboard top is nicely grained but everything else is hard. The hard door panels look pretty low rent. Some competitors are nicer inside. Visibility has some hits and misses here. Plenty of front and side glass area however styling creates a really thick pillar in the back corners that creates a blind spot one nice feature is that also your bees come standard with a backup camera. New 2004 crv headlight led. CRV is very maneuverable it’s easy to place on the road it’s easy to part. Steering is quite responsive however it’s a bit vague on center. A trait shared with other recent Honda. Unfortunately emergency handling a sloppy with lots of body lean stability control steps into squash this behavior but it’s not confidence inspiring. On the plus side breaking performance is impressive with short stopping distances. Another plus is a compliant and absorbent ride it’s quite good first Marcia being.

Unfortunately there’s still a lot of road noise that’s a shame given that most of the noise sources are well subdued. Honda’s been playing a conservative with what’s under the hood there’s a 2.4 liter 4 cylinder connected to a 5 speed automatic that’ll sounds pretty familiar right behind it and doing a good job getting the best out of their drive trains. See our me is no rocket ship but the engine is smooth and willing transmission this shifts very smoothly it’s very responsive Honda was also able to eke out 2 more miles per gallon overall from the CRV that puts it among the best in its class for fuel economy. Overall the CRV sticks true to the time tested popular formula. Scars practical pleasant and efficient.

How to replace a headlight bulb 2001 Ford escape

Hello Dana here. And today’s Article is Something very common that we all have to do. And For those who Our hands on anyway. And that is changing the headlight bulbs. In your vehicle and I have. We have a 2001 Ford escape. And actually both full beams of burnout. So that I do a quick. Video on that. And basically the only the only this. No tools required. You gotta connector. Down here. And. In this case. It got hot and burned it out down the road here so I had a. We set it up so the able cook hook it back up again. You go to the public don’t you go to the junk yard and. So you can get one now cut off of another vehicle but.

2001 ford escape headlightIts case are. I do myself. And this could be a reason that you Bob is not working. So our or U. connector itself may have come loose. A double check this stuff before you are. Think the bald is burnout. And if you got high beam which you don’t how low beam. Most likely you do have a burnout bald esprit. It’s really simple you got to spring load. Little clip here 2001 Ford Escape headlight. And it goes in here and then it just locks. Blocks inside hold your ball them. Yeah and I don’t use the same way that you do have a boot that’s here. That goes over the top of that.

And then just go and put over the top of the ball but then reconnect your connector. The. Your balls. These your balls version the ball. And I’ve got. 2 alignment. Stars here. Just make you know when you pull it out and make it easier when you got to put it back in. You got your 3 prongs. And then. You can look at the filament make sure the filament stop Bernau. But again make sure you don’t touch the ball with your 2001 Ford Escape headlight. Your fingers because it puts your body oil on it and I deteriorate so. The life of the ball. So real quick I know the stars straight up and down. So slander that puppy right in there. And then I got to do is.

KIA tested its first hybrid.

KIA ran the European tests of its first hybrid SUV called Niro.

The first hybrid from KIA even has the hybrid name.

KIA hybridIt consists of the phrase “Near Zero”, which highlights the environmental friendliness and minimization of the harmful atmospheric emissions. And the word “Hero”, that is the kind of hero of zero level.

Indeed: the first hybrid SUV KIA was created almost from scratch. Especially for it KIA developed the new platform with the wheelbase of 2700 mm and the total length of 4335 mm. The capacity of luggage compartment is 421 L. The new economical petrol engine1.6 GDI, working together with the modern electric motor and 6-speed computerized double clutch gearbox DCT, serves as the power unit.

The class of Niro is also unusual. The hybrid SUV occupies the niche between KIA Ceed and KIA Sportage with 2011 Mustang headlight bulb. Niro is 100 mm lower than Sportage and 65 mm higher than Ceed. In length –125 mm shorter and 45 mm longer respectively.

Repair Subaru

Repair SubaruLike any other vehicle, the Subaru from time to time needs not only diagnosis but also the quality of repair. The first scheduled technical inspection shall be carried out after the first ten thousand run. In the future, the car is checked approximately every fifty thousand kilometers.

In addition, a modern store of spare parts Subaru provides customers with a wide range of consumables options of ware parts. Among such variety, even the most finicky and selective motorist will be able to choose for themselves exactly the option that suits him perfectly in all respects.

This motorist understands the need not only for permanent parking place of the iron horse, but also in regular diagnosis. In addition, it is important to choose a quality service which would be able to provide highly qualified and experienced professionals. It is best to choose one auto center, and each time repair your car there. It’s much better as for the car owner, because he will be a regular customer, and will know what to expect from the masters so for professionals working in the service station, because they, in turn, will know all the features of the car.

Car Care.

Car CareThe cabin should be regularly vacuumed and, if it possible once a year to produce dry cleaning of textile coverings. If the upholstery is leather, after the cleaning by chemical solutions, leather should be moisten with a special “milk”, so it does not dry out or crack.

Plastic panels are cleaned and polished, a matte wax is better to choose, than the instrument panel is not reflected in the glass on a sunny day and does not interfere with visibility.

To clean the outside of the vehicle and exterior care we must approach more responsibly. First, take care of the car must be regularly regardless of the weather conditions. It means that the dirt does not build up in thick layers, and in the winter, despite the cold car wash is needed. Winter cleaning of the body is required, because otherwise the salt accumulating on the body, adversely affects the paint. During the summer period special attention should be paid to the remains of the insects adhering to the body during long journeys. They must be immediately removed using special means, because the passage of time, after the removal of the paint the light site will stay.

Driver fatigue monitoring system (Driver Attention Alert).

alertBecause of the fact that one in five road accidents occur due to driver fatigue, driver fatigue monitoring system is an important safety feature. Driver fatigue monitoring system installed on the X-Trail, significantly increases the level of safety. Initially studying the driving style, the system analyzes and monitors the control action of the driver. If the system detects that the driver is tired, on the instrument panel the appropriate indicator will illuminate, reminding the driver to rest.

The pioneer in this difficult matter was the Volvo, production cars which have received Driver Alert Control workable system some of the first. The central role in it, as in many modern technologies, is given to electronics, which with the help of video cameras track the movement of the car with respect to road markings. Once the system determines that the frequency of precision steering and waggings exceeds the permitted limit, the driver will be “waken up” by the audio signal, and except this icon will light in the form of a coffee cup at the instrument panel.